Nordlys Laser System

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The Nordlys laser system is an FDA-approved device equipped with four different laser technologies to provide the most comprehensive aesthetic care for various skin types and tones. With Nordlys, laser technicians can provide a customized experience for anyone who has unwanted blemishes and aging signs that mask their beauty underneath. The multi-application system by Candela can offer a range of treatments to treat different types of hyperpigmentation and other skin irregularities, ensuring that every laser pulse penetrates to diminish unwanted pigment and aging concerns in targeted areas

Laser technicians work with their patients to find the most suitable technology for them. Narrow-band intense pulsed light (IPL), non-ablative fractional lasers 1550 nm and 1940 nm, and the Nd:YAG 1064 nm are all part of the Nordlys system. At Wunderbar Medspa, our laser, we can introduce you to the device, ensuring that you achieve rejuvenated skin to help you feel like your most confident and attractive self. 

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The Versatility of the Nordlys Laser System 

Nordlys emits a wide range of short and long wavelengths designed to rejuvenate light skin, dark skin, and everything in between. Though it mostly specializes in the removal of hyperpigmentation, age spots, veins, and other cosmetic lesions, its devices are also capable of triggering new collagen and elastin production, renewing the skin to exhibit a more youthful texture and elasticity. The unique capabilities of each laser handpiece are what makes Nordlys part of the innovative next generation of laser systems. 

Ellipse IPL

Ellipse IPL has 8 different handpieces each able to emit pulsed laser wavelengths between 400 and 950 nm, the defining characteristic of “narrowband” technology, or SWT® (selective wavelength technology). Unlike broadband IPL, narrowband IPL contains light filters to stop unnecessary wavelengths from inflicting more damage to the skin. Certain wavelengths of this unique IPL device can even treat active acne

Ellipse light pulses are non-ablative, meaning that they enter the dermis of the skin without posing harm to the overlying epidermis. Because of this, patients can expect to heal much quicker than if they underwent an ablative laser procedure. The applied thermal energy creates micro-injuries in this layer, stimulating fibroblast cells to boost their creation of collagen and elastin and reducing wrinkles as a result. 

The device targets specific areas with more chromophores, molecules that contribute to unwanted dark or red pigment. One piece of research showed staggering results; it demonstrated that utilizing a narrowband wavelength between 500 and 600 nm can significantly minimize red pigmentation related to rosacea and broken capillaries in just 2 treatment sessions! Patients in the study only reported good and excellent results. (1) 

Ellipse targets melanin chromophores within freckles, age spots, and birthmarks that are darker than the rest of the skin. The device accomplishes this with a process called thermocoagulation in which the thermal energy of the laser breaks down the pigment into smaller molecules for the skin to metabolize and remove. (2) Since it targets melanin, Ellipse can deliver thermal energy to the melanin present within hair follicles, helping to eliminate hair growth. 

Frax 1550 nm and Frax 1940 nm 

These lasers deliver light in a fractionated- or pixelated- pattern across the skin. Because of this distinct aspect, these laser handpieces spare certain areas of the skin and help facilitate a quicker recovery for the patient. These technologies are also non-ablative, further supporting their gentle effects. With these treatments, your technician can apply the SoftCool™ setting to send a steady stream of cool air to each treatment area, reducing procedural discomfort. 

Though the fractional 1550 nm laser cannot treat pigmentation, this laser can eliminate stretch marks, acne scars, and surgical scars. The fractional 1940 nm laser, on the other hand, can focus on pigment similarly to the Ellipse IPL device. One other difference to note is that the Frax 1550 nm penetrates about 800 µm into the skin, while the Frax 1940 nm provides a more surface-level experience by administering energy about 200 µm into the skin. 

Recent studies confirm that these non-ablative fractional devices are safe for those with darker skin and demonstrate a lower incidence of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) for such patients. (3)

Nd:YAG 1064 nm

Just like the fractional lasers, this modality is great for those with darker skin due to its longer wavelength, but it creates slightly different improvements for the patient.  Just like Ellipse, it is designed to treat spider veins, venous lakes, hemangiomas, and port wine stains, but technicians can also use it to treat nail fungus and warts. Technicians can use high-tech software to change the spot size (1.5 to 5 mm) for efficient treatment in any area of the face or body. 

What Happens During Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Before scheduling your official laser session appointment, your laser technician will speak with you about which Nordlys setting they recommend for your specific aesthetic issues and skin type. Many of the basic steps required for a laser skin resurfacing treatment remain the same. 

First, your technician will apply a numbing topical to the area, ensuring that it adequately settles in and takes effect. They will then cleanse the skin of any impurities or oil. They may apply ultrasound gel to the skin to amplify the effects of IPL and prevent light reflection. However, with the other lasers, this is not necessary. Immediately before beginning, your technician will give you protective eyewear to put on to shield your eyes from any intense light. 

They will then apply the window of the handpiece directly onto your skin, administering a quick pulse before moving to the area immediately adjacent. You may feel mild warmth and snapping sensations, but you should not be in any significant discomfort. Your technician may pass over the treatment area multiple times. On average, the procedure itself will only take about 30 minutes, but it may be even less for small treatment areas. After finishing, they will remove any ultrasound gel if necessary and apply a soothing serum to the skin. 

Skincare After Laser Treatment 

After a session with Nordlys, your skin will feel inflamed and appear more flushed or darker than usual. You can relieve any discomfort with a cooling fan or an ice pack, and you should keep out of the sun and refrain from exercising. As your symptoms begin to subside over the next few days, you should apply sunscreen to the treatment area and continue to apply the moisturizer that your technician prescribes. Doing so will significantly reduce your risk of experiencing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. While you may begin to notice clearer, more radiant skin a couple of weeks after the first session, it will take at least 2 or more sessions (spaced weeks apart) to attain the final results you are looking for. Your technician will help you find the optimal treatment plan suited to your needs and desires. With a high-quality skincare regimen, your results can last for several years after your final session. 

Personal Consultation

During your consultation at Wunderbar Medspa, your clinician will evaluate your skin, take time to understand your concerns and ask you about any remedies you have tried so far. After identifying the exact aesthetic issues you have, they will discuss which of the Nordlys settings will be best for your skin color and signs of aging. They will review all that you need to know to prep your skin and discuss recovery tips that will help you prevent further aging. No matter where you are on your skincare journey, our laser technicians and other healthcare professionals are ready to help answer your questions

To get started feeling more confident in your skin with minimally invasive laser treatments, call the office location nearest you, or simply inquire online, and we will help you schedule your first appointment. 

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Cost of Nordlys Laser System in San Jose 

The cost of your laser treatment will depend on the device we recommend for you, the number of sessions in your treatment plan, and any other appointments you may want to schedule at Wunderbar. Your clinician will also give you their estimated total cost and discuss financing options available at our medspa locations. 


What can the Nordlys laser system treat? 

The Nordlys laser system can minimize wrinkles, vascular lesions, hyperpigmented spots, acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, sun damage, warts, and even nail fungus. Certain wavelengths of the narrowband IPL handpiece can treat active inflammatory acne. 

Does the Nordlys laser hurt? 

All laser technologies on the Nordlys laser system are highly tolerable. Laser technicians always apply numbing cream before performing the procedure, so patients typically only feel slight “snap” sensations and warmth. 

When can I expect to see results after Nordlys laser treatment?

After a session with Ellipse, you may begin to see a reduction in redness just two weeks after your treatment, but usually, more sessions are required. For all other types of pigmentation and other cosmetic concerns, it will likely take a bit longer to notice improvements. 


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