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ThermiVa is a vaginal rejuvenation treatment that uses radiofrequency technology to strengthen and restore vaginal tissues. Compromised gynecological function can be a source of stress and discomfort, and is frequently caused by the natural aging process, childbirth, or genetics. Many women experience unwanted changes in their intimate appearance and function, including vaginal dryness and laxity, incontinence, and reduced sexual pleasure.[1] A ThermiVa treatment allows women to combat these symptoms! ThermiVa’s gentle radiofrequency energy activates the body’s own regenerative abilities so that women can find relief and enjoy enhanced intimacy. 

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Energy-based medical devices are now readily available and can resolve a staggering range of aesthetic concerns without the need for surgery. However, they can also make a profound impact on a woman’s sexual satisfaction and quality of life. Vaginal dryness, laxity, labial hypertrophy, stress urinary incontinence, and decreased sexual pleasure can now all be improved quickly and painlessly. 

ThermiVa uses temperature-controlled radiofrequency therapy (TTCRF). This device emits radiofrequency energy while a feedback system monitors skin temperatures to carefully control the thermal effects achieved. This technology is also used to improve skin laxity in the face, neck, and chest, and utilizes the same effect to restore vaginal function and improve sensitivity. Radiofrequency waves produce an electrical current to create a thermal effect in the dermis. This stimulates fibroblast cells to produce new, healthy stores of collagen in a process called neocollagenesis. The thermal effect also has the immediate benefit of causing existing collagen to contract, tightening the tissue while also triggering the body’s healing response, resulting in a cascade effect of regeneration to produce healthy new tissue.

During a ThermiVa session, an S-shaped device (about the size of your index finger) is placed around and inside the vagina to gently deliver RF energy and heat the tissue to temperatures from 104°F to 113°F. [2] This tightens the vaginal walls and labia, improves lubrication, clitoral and G-spot sensitivity, and can even resolve stress urinary incontinence. One study of women who received ThermiVa treatments found that each participant experienced tightening of her vaginal canal and would recommend the procedure to family and friends. Also encouraging was that nearly all of these women reported able to acheive orgasm in half the time as previously! [2] 


ThermiVa patients can look forward to a quick, pain free and effortless treatment that requires absolutely no incisions or lengthy recovery times. 

A ThermiVa Treatment Offers

  • A quick way to rejuvenate intimate areas without surgery
  • Improved urinary stress incontinence
  • Tightening of vaginal walls and increased lubrication
  • Enhanced sensitivity and sexual enjoyment
  • Improved labial appearance
  • Long-lasting outcomes

Ideal Candidates

ThermiVa has helped many patients overcome the common symptoms associated with aging, childbirth, or menopause. If you are expecting a lack of moisture, lax tissue, or urinary incontinence, ThermiVa may be right for you.

Ideal Patients for a ThermiVa Treatment:

  • Are healthy adult women over the age of 18
  • Do not have an active sexually transmitted infection or vaginal or urinary tract infection
  • Are not currently pregnant 
  • Do not have a pacemaker or other electronic implant

Personal Consultation 

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During your personal consultation, you’ll meet with one of our medical professionals and have the chance to speak openly about your concerns. After learning more about your goals, and discussing what ThermiVa can accomplish, you’ll have a brief examination. We’ll review your medical history to ensure that you are a good candidate for this procedure, and if so, design a personalized treatment plan. As your consultation finishes, we’ll schedule your treatment date and make sure your prepared for your ThermiVa session.

If you’re ready to do something for yourself and have been considering vaginal rejuvenation,  schedule a meeting with our caring staff. You can reach us (650) 254-1200 (Mountain View); (408) 831-6229 (San Jose); or (831) 656-9331 (Carmel-by-the-Sea). Or, you can reserve your appointment online.


Preparing for a ThermiVa treatment doesn’t require much effort! Trim or shave hair on your labia a day or two before your appointment, and if you wax, make sure you do so 5-7 days before your session to avoid irritation. Apart from that, just make sure that you are well hydrated and have an empty bladder before your session begins. If you experience herpes outbreaks, we may prescribe an antiviral before your session to avoid the risk of a flareup. 


ThermiVa is a comfortable treatment, so there’s no anesthesia or numbing necessary. We’ll apply ultrasound gel to the vulva to help conduct the RF energy, and then gently place the smooth, S-shaped wand applicator on the labia and clitoris. Once inserted in the vagina, it will be slightly angled so that it can treat the vaginal walls. The device will then emit a controlled amount of thermal energy to tighten and renew tissue. Patients feel a mild, warm sensation throughout the process which will end when the treatment does, in about 30 minutes. Best of all, ThermiVa patients can resume all of their normal activities immediately after treatment, including work, exercise, and sex. [3]


Patients will begin to see and feel their results in the next few weeks. Patients can look foward to tighter vaginal walls and reduced labia. Stronger tissue and increased lubrication will reduce tearing, making sex more comfortable, while increased sensitivity makes it more enjoyable than ever before! Most patients see the best results after three sessions spaced 3-4 weeks apart. External tissue will see results last up to six months, one year for internal tissue. Occasional “touch-ups” spaced every 9-12 will further extend results.

Cost of a ThermiVa Treatment in Northern California

ThermiVa treatments are customized to the patient’s needs. The areas needing attention and the number of sessions required will be evaluated following a personal consultation and the patient’s first session. As a result, the total cost will depend on the desired result, and vary from patient to patient. Interested patients are encouraged to set up an appointment to learn more and better understand their estimated costs. We’ll direct patients to our financing options and specials during our talk to make funding easier. 


Does ThermiVa hurt?

ThermiVA uses a small, smooth applicator that is simply placed on the vulva and against the walls of the vagina to heat the tissue to about the same temperature as a warm bath. There’s no need for anesthesia or topical anesthetics, and most patients find the treatment very comfortable. 

How does ThermiVa help with vaginal atrophy?

ThermiVa creates a thermal effect in the tissues. This tightens existing collagen while also stimulating the production of new collagen and other structural tissues. With firmer vaginal tissue and increased lubrication, patients notice more comfortable intercourse.

How does ThermiVa make my labia smaller?

Radiofrequency waves create an electrical current, which is conducted by the water present in tissue. This creates a thermal effect. The heat causes collagen in tissue to contract, which tightens the treated area. ThermiVa is an excellent non-surgical alternative to labiaplasty, as there is no pain, downtime, or recovery necessary. In only a few short sessions, patients will notice tighter, smaller labia for a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

Will I still be able to give birth after a ThermiVA treatment?

Yes, ThermiVA patients will be able to deliver vaginally after treatment, although they may notice that it changes their results. But, ThermiVa can be repeated as necessary to restore vaginal tightness between births! However, we highly recommend patients wait 6-8 months after giving birth to ensure that they are fully healed before they decide to get a ThermiVA treatment.

Can ThermiVA improve pelvic floor disorders?

A ThermiVA can improve certain pelvic floor disorders such as urinary stress incontinence. Strengthening the vaginal walls can relieve pressure on the bladder. However, for prolapse is moderate or severe, the treatment may not provide adequate results. As always, seek advice from your primary doctor to ensure ThermiVa will correct this problem.


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